The Villages - Casa Nina in Alonissos, Patitiri
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The Villages

Patitiri: The main town and port of the island lies in a naturally protected harbour. Surrounded by steep rocky cliffs which intermingle with deep green pine trees providing a striking contrast as they cascade down to the clear emerald waters below. Patitiri has plenty of waterfront activity especially in the high season. The town took its name from the original wine presses (patitiria) that made up the working waterfront in the days when Alonissos was a significant wine producing island. The harbour today is more functional than beautiful with plenty of restaurants, shopping and night life.

Old Town or Chora: Was the capital of the island before 1965 when a large earthquake hit the island. The earthquake destroyed the village and the inhabitants where then forced to move down to Patitiri. After the earthquake many foreigners as well as Greeks started to but the old houses. All lovers of the traditional style of the island, they kept the character of the village, repairing many of the old buildings and restoring them to their original splendor. Because of its location, the views are really fantastic, with one of the best sunsets in Greece.

Now the Old Village has become the best part of the island to visit. Visitors will find many artist shops, cafes, restaurants and bars with absolutely stunning views over the island landscape and the Aegean, feeling a completely different atmosphere from the rest of Alonissos.
It’s 4 km away from Patitiri, and you can take the bus with its frequent timetable, to go there. You can also use the taxis or walk up from the old footpath. Walking takes approximately 30′ to go up and 20′ to come down.
Rousoum Gialos: Once a separate village, it is now joined with Patitiri. It is built amphitheatrically on the hills overlooking a very nice beach, very popular to locals as well as the tourists staying in the nearby accommodation. After swimming, you can have lunch in the coastal taverns and taste many of the local recipes. Although this is a popular spot on the island, it still keeps its authenticity and traditional character.
Votsi: A very picturesque little harbor, located approximately 3km from Patitiri. The bay is surrounded by white limestone cliffs, streaked with red stripes and descending into crystalline emerald waters. The little shingle beach has room only for a few visitors. It is a real jewel, accessible by stone steps descending from the main road of the settlement of Votsi. Opposite this little marvel is a picturesque, charming tiny harbour with one lovely traditional fish tavern and little fishing boats mooring at the port.
Steni Vala: A pretty fishing harbour once, it is now a popular stop for yachts and flotillas. Steni Vala is 10 km distance from Patitiri and is very peaceful with many authentic local tavernas plus a couple of cafés and a minimarket. The local bus goes twice per day thus giving you the chance to make a full day excursion, spending time on one of the two very nice adjacent beaches of Glyfa and Agios Petros.
Kalamakia: is a small fishing harbour, 12km from Patitiri and even quieter than Steni Vala. This quaint little village now has a new harbour and only a few tavernas specializing in seafood cuisine. The village is extremely popular for the fresh fish and lobsters served in the waterside tavernas – all owned by the local fishermen. Unfortunately there is no bus to Kalamakia from Patitiri, so to get there you must either take a taxi or use your own hire car or motorbike.

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